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The Mancini Made Story

The Mancini Made story begins long before we opened our doors in 2011. Co-founders Anthony and Paul Mancini talk us through the family photo album…


Paul: This is us in the very early 90s when we were at St Mary’s Primary School in Altona. It was only a 15-minute walk from home.

Anthony: We lived next door to our Nonna, and the back fence had been cut down between the two houses. So after school, we could walk home and play soccer over two blocks of land. Our Nonna would fill us with pasta and then we’d go home.

Paul: This is me holding Anthony as a newborn on our trampoline at our home in Mount Street, Altona. We were there for around ten years while our dad constructed our home on Mcbain Street, where we lived for the remainder of our childhood.

Anthony: We used to turn that trampoline on its side to make soccer goals in the backyard.

Anthony: This is my birthday, with our brother Eric, Nonna and our Mum. She was a seamstress, hence the matching clothes.

Paul: We never met our grandfathers. They both unfortunately passed away before we were born. But we had two Nonnas, both called Rosa. We were very close as a family.

Paul: Our dad had a building licence, and with our mum, he ran Mancini Real Estate. They’ve been established in the area for 50 years and are still going strong as a family business. Our brother Eric is currently the co-director of that business.

Anthony: Eric, Paul and myself played soccer for Altona City as kids. Today Mancini Made is a proud sponsor of the club. I’m on the committee, and Eric’s children are members, so it’s very close to our family for over two generations now.


Paul: As we got older, we went on to play for other clubs. I played street soccer in Melbourne for a while, then to England to play. I was at Premier League clubs like Leeds and Everton and trained with the likes of Harry Kewell. I ended up breaking both my feet. That was the end of my professional career.

Anthony: Growing up I always had a guide in Paul and Eric. Being the youngest, there may have been a smidge of favouritism.

Paul: Eric and I are 18 months apart, Anthony and I four years apart. We have always been close.


Paul: Eric went straight into the family business but I was more artistic. I completed a double degree in architecture and construction. This is my graduation in 2005. Our parents supported us in whatever we wanted to do. We had our own drive.


Paul: This is one of Mum and Dad’s original real estate offices in Altona.

Anthony: You can see the tagline, “Leon Mancini & Sons” – so Dad was probably thinking that we would all go into the family business. I actually love real estate, however, I completed a double degree in construction management and facilities management.

Paul: I remember when I was working at another company at the time, I told Anthony, “Go, graduate, get some experience under your belt and then we’ll do our own thing.” We had a path and we had a plan.


Paul: So we’re full circle here, back in primary school. This is us after school at Mancini Real Estate. When we started Mancini Made in 2011 our business was based there. Our office kept expanding and eventually reached a point where it was taking over all of the upstairs.


Anthony: Paul and I are like train tracks. We’re parallel. We have the same determination. Most of the time it’s telepathic. We don’t talk very often because we’re so busy, but we know we’re heading in the same direction. We challenge each other and we challenge our staff. 

That’s probably why it’s worked so well, because we’re we are relentless in our pursuit of perfection.

But when you’ve got that drive, it definitely makes it easier when you’re doing it as a duo.



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